Consulting Engineers
Centered in Chicago, Illinois

Providing Affordable National Engineering Services Since 1998

(773) 478-6666
5804 N. Western Ave, Suite R2
Chicago, IL 60659
We Are a Licensed Firm in Structural Engineering, Land Surveying, and Civil Engineering

Our Work Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • Land Surveying - Including Alta Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Plat of Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Roadway Surveys, Vacation, Dedication, Annexation, Subdivison, Consolidation, and As-Built Surveys.
  • Structural Engineering - Complex Designs in Buildings & Bridge Structures, Shoring and Reshoring Design (For All Types of Structures, High Rises, and Demolitions), Providing Design & Drawings & Permits for City Violations and Porches.

  • Grading Plans - Including Engineering Design for Drainage and Detention Ponds for Residential & Commercial Properties.





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